Who is excited to see you when you come home? Who sits with you while you watch your favorite TV show? Who greets you every morning, and sleeps next to you every night?  Your pet lovingly cares for you unconditionally. Of course, it is natural to want to care for your pet when you are no longer there.

There is a way to do just that.

Pet Trusts

Tennessee has passed legislation (TCA 35-15-408) so that you can care for your furry friends after you are gone. Some details of that law include:

  • Providing for the care of the animal alive during the trust maker’s lifetime.
  • Continuing care during the life of the animal(s)
  • Allowing for oversight of the trust and caretakers of the animal(s)
  • Providing guidance for any funds left after its intended use.

Who Will Do That?

Some counties are making use of the new legislation by encouraging the animal control agencies to work with elder law and estate planning attorneys. This collaboration creates an efficient avenue of communication. The information, needed funding, and care for our furry friends makes a smooth transition during an unsettling circumstance.

One example of this collaboration in Wilson County is with a program called New Leash on Life. They can provide your attorney with the required information to set-up a trust. Then when the time of transition comes, the program moves the animals on to their new home with the funding needed to provide for their care.

Where Will They Go?

It depends on the agency. Some counties are equipped to house the animals. However, most are structured to find forever homes. Regardless, the intent of the agencies is to provide care for the furry friends like you would want for them.

Do check with the agency before making that commitment as each agency has its own regulations. Because of space at the facility, sometimes they are limited on the size of dogs or temperament of animals.

We Can Help

We are here to help guide you as you make decisions regarding your estate and long term care planning needs.  Whatever issue is preventing you from developing a more extensive estate plan, please allow Elder Law of Middle Tennessee to assist you in this process.

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