Durable General Power of Attorney

This document is commonly known as a Financial Power of Attorney and you are appointing someone (who will be known as your Agent) to manage your finances in the event you are no longer able to do which includes being able to pay your bills, sell a car, open and close accounts, and other property related matters. We also include specific items that address on-line accounts as so many people are paying bills through electronic payments. The word durable means that the document remains in effect even if you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself which is actually the time you need the document to remain effective.

We recommend that you have a primary and a secondary agent named in the document in case the primary agent is unable to serve. It is important that you select someone you trust for this position as well as someone who will handle matters in a way that you would want them handled. Your Agent is only able to handle financial matters for you while you are living. Once you pass away, then it is necessary to have an Executor named in your Last Will and Testament who will handle the distribution of your estate.

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