Life Care Planning

Anyone who has ever cared for a family member knows just how overwhelming the situation can be. They feel responsible for making the best decisions they can as they realize their decisions impact someone else’s life. Frequently they are having to make these decisions rather quickly, with limited information about resources available to them, which increases the level of stress and frustration. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Life Care Planning blends the traditional legal services of estate planning with the specialized knowledge of care coordinator, enabling us to plan for our client’s needs while establishing a close caring relationship. The goal of our Life Care Plan is to help the client achieve and maintain a better quality of life while reducing stress for the family.


How does a Life Care Plan work?

The care coordinator meets with the client to assess and determine the client’s current physical and emotional needs as well as to discuss family concerns. From this assessment, we are able to support the client and family by reviewing possible resources available along with benefit programs to help pay for care. The client and family get access to a wider variety of options for care as well as knowledgeable guidance from a team who is able to make the right choices about every aspect.

Every Life Care Plan is designed to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Make sure the elder gets appropriate care, whether at home or in a residential facility, to maintain the quality of life that he/she desires.
  2. Locate public and private sources to help pay for long-term care while resolving issues created by the high cost of care.
  3. Offer peace of mind that results when the right choices are made to ensure loved ones are safe and receiving the right care while preserving family resources.

We realize that a client’s situation is subject to change based upon changes in their health and we are able to adapt the Life Care Plan to correspond with these changes.

Each client's situation is unique. Therefore, we believe in creating customized solutions.

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