I miss Mayberry. Life was simpler, sweeter. A man’s word was his bond. A yes was a yes, and a no was a no. Today’s world has become a hustle-n-bustle of traffic, high-rises, and complications. That creates frustrations and a need to make things simpler. But when it comes to wills, that is rarely a good thing.

What’s Wrong with Simple?

Simple means not a lot in it. While that isn’t bad, it means that it doesn’t provide flexibility for what the future may hold. We don’t have batteries in our crystal ball. We can’t foresee what pandemic, stock market crash, or tornado is in the future. A simple will cannot provide flexibility for what the future holds.

What does Flexibility look like?

What if…

  • You leave Grandma’s China to your daughter, but the China is later broken?
  • You leave your car to your grandson, but the car is later sold?
  • You leave the grandfather clock to your sister who passes away before you do?
  • You leave your bank account to your son who becomes disabled from a car accident? He receives TennCare benefits, and your bequest disqualifies him from those benefits.
  • You leave a large sum to your daughter who is going through a divorce? Do you want the ex-husband to have claim to any money?
  • You name your sister as your Executor, but she passes away before you do? Do you want the probate judge to choose your Executor?

What is the better choice?

What you really want for your Last Will and Testament is something that is thorough and sustainable through complicated times. Proper wills can be drafted to consider as many possibilities as our crystal ball can account for. That way your true wishes can withstand the changing times.

The truth is the simplest wills are those that accompany a trust. The trust can include all the last wishes of the trust-maker and avoid the public spectacle of probate. The will that accompanies a trust simply catches anything that is not in the trust and throws it in the trust.

As much as we miss Mayberry, it is a fiction. For real people in real life, contact an elder law attorney to simplify the process and create a thorough document to represent your legacy.

We Can Help

The good news is that you have options, and more options are available to you the earlier that you start your planning. Please let us help you to evaluate your individual needs and develop a plan that will give you peace of mind for whatever comes your way.

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