The coronavirus is creating the need for businesses, like ours, to rethink strategic interactions with our clients to provide our services safely. Keeping social distance may be the new normal for the foreseeable future. We have invested in videoconferencing capabilities so we can more easily connect and have meetings where we can share video and see one another. This blog is to help you understand videoconferencing, and to introduce you to Zoom, the program we are using.

The digital age, specifically the ability to videoconference, creates an opportunity to pivot our business communication and collaboration with you in an online format through already established providers such as Zoom, Skype, and For security purposes, most of these communication providers allow a participant to enable “end-to-end encryption” protocols, which are HIPAA/FERPA compliant. This encryption prevents data being read or surreptitiously modified, other than by the authentic sender and recipient.

What do these video communications companies provide? In the case of Zoom, there are several experiences available, including online meetings, video webinars and conference rooms, and call-in numbers.  Zoom provides online support in an environment that encrypts all audio, video, and screen sharing data. You can meet online with us, confident in knowing your private business remains protected. Digital system and bandwidth requirements for your participation in online meetings are listed in the ZOOM Help Center. We will also work with you to make sure you have the proper internet speed and a webcam so you can participate fully in a videoconference with us.

Leveraging videoconferencing tools opens our business to you, wherever you are.  Online videoconferencing is not only morally and socially responsible to embrace at this time but transformative to our interactions with you. Using Zoom or other similar online meeting platforms allows you to interact us and other relevant parties, like family members, to discuss any legal matters you wish.

If you can discuss it in an office setting, you can discuss it online. In an ever-changing world, online videoconferencing allows us a safe way to connect with you. We look forward to “seeing” you online soon! Contact our Lebanon office at 615-444-3568 to schedule a meeting.